Budget Friendly Outdoor Seating

I think one of the most budget friendly makeover I did was this small outdoor seating area. It was located on an apartment balcony that was not very big. I used very little money because I literally got all the furniture and parts from people that were throwing them away.

The chairs were found in Texas when I was visiting a friend in Dallas one day. I had a Corolla, and my kids so even though there were five chairs I could only get two of them. 

The table base was found on the side of the road while "curbside shopping", so I spray painted it gray and went over it with a black metallic glaze. 
The chairs were both spray painted a fun color and also glazed with a metallic black glaze. I bought a yard of outdoor fabric on sale for 7$ at the fabric store and recovered the cushions. 

 The top went to a table that was broken and not salvageable, so it found a new home. with my lonely table base. So, that was also free but I could have bought a round piece of wood from the hardware store for around 20$ had I not found that gem. 

This cute little seating area cost me under 40$ because I got most of the furniture for free. You could easily buy miss matched chairs for under 20$ at a thrift store or yard sale, and either make or buy a salvaged table base for pretty cheap too. 

This seating area is perfect for drinking some coffee or glass of wine while the kids play outside. Or maybe just simply relaxing before or after a hard days work. 


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