How to Create A Family Command Center

Creating a family command center is a great way to keep your family organized and well informed. 

Organizing your home does not have to be intimidating or overwhelming, especially if you take it one area at a time. 

I decided my family needed to have a space to help keep us organized. I split custody of my kids with their Dad, so it can be hard keeping track of everything. The kids have soccer, studio crew, drama club and birthday parties to keep track of so I though it was a great idea to have a set space to keep track of this stuff. 

The Before:

Even though I am a decorator and a blogger my house isn't always clean or organized. This area was a landing space for crap I didn't feel like putting away, so I felt like it was wasted space. This was the perfect opportunity to add some function and style to this part of my home. 

Step 1: find a space in your house to create a family command center. Some tips to get started are:

  • Choose an area of your house that gets a lot of traffic. If you put it in a corner of your basement full of scary spiders no one will ever see it. It is best to have it in a common area of the house, such as a family room, entryway, kitchen or dinning room.
  • It doesn't have to be a huge space, it can be a small area of a wall or a closet if your low on space. 
  • Make a list of things your family will need. I'll share more about options later, but don't add things because they look cute otherwise it's wasted space. Add the elements your family need to use. If your kids don't go to school, don't add hooks for their backpacks. Or if you never meal plan don't add a menu board.

Step2: Clean it up, add some fresh paint or wallpaper and clean the area well. I touched up the molding and added this cute removable wallpaper from Target. it was fairly easy to install and took about two hours. 

Step 3: Decide what elements you want to add to help keep your family organized.  I would start with a base, such as a desk, bookshelf or table. 

Some things you can add are :

  • a mail sorter
  • Menu board
  • Message board
  • hooks for backpacks
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Inbox for school papers
  • Chore Chart's
  • To Do list
  • Grocery List
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Baskets for each person
  • Clock

I chose to do a calendar and menu board because my kids are always asking me what are we doing this weekend and what's for dinner. The kids can also add stuff themselves so I know when they have practices or birthday parties. The gray box has files in it, one for each person in the house. That way the kids can put things we need to sign in our box, or if they get mail we can put it in theirs. 

There are so many ways you can customize this to fit your families needs. Have fun, make it pretty but make it functional too.


  1. Looks really good! I really need this in my house. We have a little table but it's not functional enough to be meaningful. LOL. The papered wall looks awesome!

  2. love this family command center ...


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