Two Friends and a Dream

Jodi and Audrine

I once read a plaque that said "When you invest in a small business, you invest in a dream." Friends for nearly 20 years, Audrine and I are going into business together and investing in each other's dreams! 

At Glittered Barn Designs, we aim to better reflect the taste, interests and lifestyle of your home. Sometimes we simply enhance your home. At other times, we do a complete overhaul. No matter where you fall in that scale, our mission is to provide you with unique and beautiful pieces through custom or retail furniture, drapery, and paintings/wall decor. We also love doing children’s areas. Get to know us and let us help you enjoy every square foot of your home!

Ever since I was a little girl, interior design and the need to do creative DIY projects has been running through my veins. I remember as a little girl I would get very creative with my Barbie houses. As I got older, I started redoing my own room. It was in a constant state of change. 

As I became a mother at the age of 17, I did not let my passion for interior design stop. I decorated our first little apartment in West Virginia with what I had or could find for a very low price. This is when I became interested in thrift stores, Goodwill, and other consignment shops

I taught myself how to paint and re-upholster and after doing things for myself, friends and family, I was soon starting to charge a fee. I even had a very profitable booth at an awesome place called The RINK. I was sad to leave my business and a lot of great DIY friends when we moved back to Baltimore, MD. But now I am excited about my new journey with Audrine and seeing Glittered Barn Designs continue to grow and thrive.

Hey there! My name is Audrine Austin and I am part owner of Glittered Barn Designs with my best friend and sister of 20 years, Jodi Jackson. I am a mother of two girls, I work full time in Marketing, and go to school part time majoring in Business Administration

Now, to my real passion! I got interested in interior design with Jodi about 7 years ago. Now we are making our dream of owning our own interior design shop a reality. Jodi is great at finding odd, old, or ugly pieces of furniture and turning them into something beautiful and unique to add to your home or business

I am more into refurbishing furniture. I like to sand down, smooth out, and paint furniture in all the different forms it may come in. I also like to make jewelry and I’m all about making anything creative for children! I believe my special talent is organizing spaces. I can take a space that looks doomed from disorganization and make it organized so that everything you have in that room has a special place.


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