Fun decoupage Furniture Makeover with D Lawless Hardware

 This is my first month as a  Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest host, and this month theme is Make It Pretty, with D lawless Hardware as the sponsor. I think that hardware is the crown jewel when it comes to furniture makeovers. It is like the little black bag, or the perfect jewelry accessory for any piece of furniture, as it give it the added something special to take it to the next level. I was really excited to choose from their amazing line of hardware. 

Let me also introduce you to our amazing hosts. Top left is Jes Humrich at My DIY Envy | Bottom Left is Saved by Scottie | Middle is the creator of the contest and owner of Evey’s Creations | Top Right is ME!! | Bottom Right is Christy of Ritzy Parties

Make sure you check out their blogs, they all have some very inspiring projects. 

I got this dresser off of Facebook Marketplace, and I immediately got excited. I've been looking for something like this for a while to do something fun to. I miss doing fun, creative projects. So I painted the whole thing in a black paint  and then decided to do something fun.

I bought some tissue paper from a craft store and I decoupage the drawers of the dresser. I put a liberal coat on the drawers, then  placed the tissue paper on it. I thin put another liberal coat on. After it was dry, I added one more coat and then trimmed the excess off. I painted the edges black, but then I used a gold rub n buff over that to add some more flair.

I love this dresser so much, its fun, playful and a little glam. It is amazing what a little paint, creativity and beautiful knobs can do to update a dresser. Using tissue paper made decoupaging so much easier, so I will be on the hunt for more pretty paper. 

Wanna join in the fun and participate in The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest® in the future? We would love to have you! Please contact us at to get the details!


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