Parisian Inspiration

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Have you ever went on vacation and felt like you belong there, like you should just pack all your stuff and just move there? Well when I visited France that is exactly how I felt. I wish I could just move there, but until I win the lottery or I am ready to retire that is not a possibility. In the meantime, I plan to use my visit as inspiration for décor.

One of the things I really enjoyed on my trip was all the outdoor cafes. They were so pretty, and they always had people sitting at them. They all sat around  small café tables and drank espresso, wine or beer. No one seemed to be on their phone unless they were alone, and it was more common to see a book in their hands instead. 

I love the colors in this one from a café in  Monets Gardens. The blue is so pretty with a touch of rust on it and it pairs well with the candle apple red.

This café was darling too, I absolutely love the industrial table with the pop of hot pink for a glamourous touch. It has a very modern glamourous feel to it.

I cannot remember where this one was, but this is one of my favorites. I like the mix of the vintage wood top with the lacquered hot pink base. It's simple yet elegant and very stylish. 

I loved seeing all these cafés, and they inspired me to redo my front porch. Later this week I will show you what I came up with.


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