DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is a time for family, togetherness and of course being thankful. It is one of the few times a year we all sit down as a family without TVs or phones and have conversations with one another. For that reason it is one of my favorite holidays, after Christmas of course. I believe that there is something special about a well executed tablescape, for any meal. It creates a pretty backdrop to put people at ease during the meal. Setting this table was a lot of fun, with a few DIY touched to it. 

The table runner is from Target, but we have made similar ones to put in the shop, I just didn't have time to sew one. The candles were purchased on sale at Target for 1.79 each and say give thanks on them. The vase and the basket were from the thrift store, and the flowers were purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby for .99 cents. The vase is sitting on a cutting board I got fro Ikea in there as is section for $2.00. 

For each place setting, I used some gold metal chargers I bought from a thrift store, and some cute plastic plates I found at Homegoods. I figured they were cute and I could throw them away, creating less dishes for me to do. The silverware were 4.99 from Target, and I love that they are copper because I love to mix metals. I used some webbing made for furniture and created a pocket with my hot glue gun. You can also sew them, but I was in a hurry because I did it last minute. I also hot glues some metal label holders I spray painted gold so I could use it as a place setting also. 
The napkins were sewn from a fleece fabric and I love them! I got the napkin rings from (Surprise) Target. 

The kids sat at the bar, and had a similar place setting, just with a placemat that matched the table runner. Here is a better shot of the silverware. 

I bought some cheap glasses from Walmart and use my Cricut maker to cut everyone's initial and customize the glasses. It was 2.50 for four glasses, and it took me less then a sheet of 651 vinyl to make them all. The kids got a kick out of the glasses and everyone got to take theirs home. 

All I am very happy with the décor. A few other things you cant really see are some paper leaves I cut with my Maker out of cardstock and a Happy thanksgiving sign I made. I had each guest write what they were most thankful for on one of the leaves.  I will save them a my scrapbook I will get around to making one day. 

This got me thinking, why don't we ever sit down and do this at times of the year other then the holidays? We never set our table and eat as a family, its always fast food, eating on front of the TV on our phones. Well I am challenging myself and you as well to change that. I will be starting a series I call "Set Your Table Please" that will be once a month, with a featured tablescape. So I challenge you to use me as inspiration and at least once a month set a table and have dinner like we did in the Ye Olden days. 


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