The deck redo: before the after

When I first bought my new house a year ago, there were a few problems with the deck, and it delayed my closing. The contractors that built it never got a permit or got it inspected, so it would not pass inspection. They had to rebuild new footings and put in hurricane brackets. It was only two years old at the time and served as a major headache for me and the previous owners!

I put off doing anything to it for a while because I was irritated with it. However, I realized that we liked spending a lot of time out there, and if I wanted to keep it looking nice I needed to protect the finish and make it look pretty so the family could enjoy it.

Serena from Thrift Diving is having another one of her famous 30 day room challenges and I decided to do my deck for this challenge. Serena, who is a DIY champ, offered to come help me stain my deck.

Here are a few before pictures from my deck. As you can see, I need to stain it, redo my table and chairs, and add a few finishing touches.

Check back this weekend for an update  on our progress. Staining a deck was a new experience for both of us, and lucky for you, Serena taped some of it.


  1. Wow, I love what you've done w/ your deck! I wouldn't know where to begin. The colors, designs and pieces, all work great together. I love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing all you thoughts and ideas w/ us! I look forward to more ideas and renovations!

  2. oh can't wait to see and learn I have a deck in backyard that will get a new look if you guys can teach me how


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