Junk Hippy Time!!

I have found that I LOVE doing shows. The first one I did was at Sugar Moon Barn and I loved it. The second one I did was at the Junk Hippy Roadshow, which after only one year has become a big amazing show

If you have never been to one, you should make time to go. They are going to be in Houston next. They have all kinds of vintage, handmade and hand finished stuff. They have some great junk too! You can find jewelry, hats, refinished furniture and so much more!

I mean, just look at those mason jars, there are even the cool blue ones. Can you imagine the possibility? You could use them for lights, storage, whatever your Pinterest heart could desire!

My friend Andrea and I had this booth. It was very crowded because we thought we had more space then we actually had, lol. I guess it is better to have too much than not enough! 

Have you ever been to the Junk Hippy Roadshow?


  1. Hi Jodi,

    This is great - it looks like so much fun!

    Why don't they have these in my neck of the woods? :)

    aka http://sketchystyles.com/

  2. Where's your neck of the woods? They like to travel to new venues


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