Fun Chair Makeovers

Chairs are a great accent piece of furniture for any room. It can add a pop of color or pattern, and help bring different styles together. They are one of my favorite things to redo and I like to have fun with them. Here is a roundup of a few of my favorite chairs that I have redone. 

This rocking chair was given to me by the apartment manager where I lived at the time. the occupants had lived there for so long, there was wallpaper on the walls from the 70s. I have no idea why this chair was left behind, but I loved the bones of it. I painted it a distressed black and redid the seat with this fun print. 

I found four of these chairs on bulk trash day in Annapolis, MD and I fell in love the shape of the shield back. They were painted with this awful textured spray-paint that was a pain to strip off, but I painted all four chairs in black and redid the fabric in one of my favorite script prints. These were my dinning room chairs for a long time, until two broke, so I moved them into my living room.

Even though they are dining chairs they can be used in a living room like above, or even in a bedroom. I loved these chairs so I knew I had to find a place for there somewhere. 

This char was redone for a teenagers room. She loved blue and florals, so I picked this very pretty fabric to reo it in and painted the chair in her favorite color, light blue. The chair sat in her room next to a bookshelf so she could use it as a reading chair or to watch TV in. 

I got this set from my mom in PA. I had always wanted to do a nautical beach themed sun room, and although I didn't have a customer in mind for this I knew there was one out there. I swear if I had a sunroom I would have kept it. This set found a home in a house near the water, in my dream house. 

And last, but certainly not least we have the flower chair. This was redone for a photographer to use as a prop. I had a lot of fun with this one. I painted it in Annie Sloan Florence and dark waxed it. Then I re upholstered it in this fun zebra fabric and attached the pink flowers to the back. 


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