Decorate your deck on a budget

For my 30 day Thrift Diving challenge I did my deck. You can see the before pictures here. The first thing I did was clean my deck with Thompsons Water Seal. Then, I stained it. For some great tips you can check out my post about it.  I am on a tight budget though, so I had to get really creative when I went to decorate it. 

After I stained it, I was left with a nice clean slate. I loved the way the stain turned out. The color is nice and rich, and the wood is protected really well. Whenever it rains, the water beads up into puddles until it evaporates. 

I got this dining set a few months ago for $80, and that is probably the most expensive thing I bought. I spray painted it with some olive colored paint and redid the chair cushions with some outdoor fabric I got for 60% off. I love using mobile coupons, they are such a time savor!

I had an old sewing box drawer that I put three plants in. I got from Home Depot on clearance. I spent about $4 on the plants. It looks so cute and vintage!

I found this fire pit someone was throwing away because it had some rust on it. I spray painted it black and used some Modern Masters metallic paint in copper to add some color. 

My Nana gave me some of these plants from her garden. They are really neat, they multiply like crazy and are low maintenance. By this time next year this planter should be covered with them!

Although my herb planter was already here, I have never talked about it before. I used the base from an outdoor table and added a galvanized bin to the top. I have oregano, basil, sage, and thyme growing in here. It's so handy, I love cooking with fresh herbs!

I really like how everything turned out. I don't think I spent more then $140 for everything, including the patio set. I have tons of old windows, so I hung one up over a table I made with scrap wood and old legs I had in my garage. We were having a cookout for the 4th of July so I added a few patriotic touches with some stuff I bought at the dollar store.

Yup, you heard right. I bought the silverware holders, the napkins and plates - even the flag - from the dollar store. They have some neat stuff there sometimes.

The little black stand is the one I scored when I went thrifting with the Queen of Thrift Diving, Serena. I paid $2.50 for it, and $2 for the enamel ware pot. I planted some purple basil in it.

I got some solar lights (2 for $4!) at a big box store and then I got the orange planters with plants in them from another Big Box store on clearance for $2.98 each. SCORE!!  I had been looking for mini watering cans for a while for another project. I will probably spray paint them next year a more burnt orange or maybe old copper.

So, I am in love with my new outdoor space. I love drinking coffee outside in the morning, or a cocktail in the evening when it gets cooler. We cook out a lot too, so its nice to sit outside while someone mans the grill. By someone, I mean not me, lol. I will prep the food and season it, but I am no grill master. I really like it when I do not have a lot of money for a project because it forces me to be creative and think outside the box. I usually get pretty good results that way. Have you worked on any outdoor projects yet? If not I hope I inspired you to start one!


  1. This turned out so inviting. I love the galvanized tub with the table base. I love the old window!! I'd have never thought to do that😃. The herbs so handy , the table and chairs you customized. It all looks like a happy place. I cannot believe how well you economized!!! I love it all. And the floor. Or isn't it called the deck. Congratulations on finishing🎉💥‼️‼️‼️🇺🇸😎

    1. Thank you!! It was a labor of love, and I could not have done it without Serena! Thanks for the great commend!!


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