I am Isabella

My name is Isabella. My friends call me Izzy. Once a blond colored wine bar, I was outdated and without character. There I sat, baking under the Oklahoma sun, in the corner of someone’s yard ..

Thrown away? Maybe

Replaced? Probably

Forgotten? Most definitely

At least until someone else came along and recognized a beauty within me that at the time I failed to see in myself. Soon, all that remained of my prior identity would be washed away with sweat and a sander. Imagine my surprise to see a new coat of black paint with a copper metallic glaze makeup to complete my extreme makeover ... 

I was loved again, and I in return love my new look. Now there has to be someone out there welcoming enough to let me serve my new purpose. I’m the talk of the party – I hold 24 bottles of the main attraction while my chalkboard top allows people to be let in on the secret of what’s to come

I hope someone takes me home soon, so I can find someplace cozy in the dining room or kitchen. But as good as I look and the things I can do, puhlease … I’ll be the one who finds them. Consider me sold!!


  1. You know I love everything you do and I am your biggest fan/supporter :)Can't wait to become the Picker Sisters 2!!!


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