DIY Budget Front Porch Makeover

 One of my favorite things to do is a budget makeover. It's a challenge that forces you to push your creative boundaries. It also usually requires a lot of DIY projects, which I LOVE to do. So I used inspiration from my trip to Paris to create an amazing front porch.
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When I bought my house 4 years ago, the first thing I noticed was the porch. That gosh awful green fake grass was such an eyesore and was the first thing I decided had to be changed. I have no idea why someone thought it was a good looking decision but I guess everyone has tier own style. 

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I also dislike the plastic fencing on the sides of the porch. I wish it still had the metal one the house originally came with. Other then the fence and the grass, it was pretty much a clean slate. 

I ripped up the green plastic grass, which was not an easy project and I cleaned the cement with my Ryobi pressure washer. I think painted the concrete and the front door. You can see my post about it here. I kind of left it at that point because I was not really inspired until my trip to Europe

In my last post, I talked about all the cafes I saw in Paris. I loved how everyone sat at these cute little tables outside drinking their expresso or wine, reading a book or talking to friends and family. This was exactly the feel I wanted to incorporate into my porch. I wanted to have some coffee with Mr. Muscles, or a glass of wine with my friend and favorite neighbor while the kids played outside. The first step in this was a cute table and chairs, and I had just the thing to start off my makeover with.

I have had this table base for years, and couldn't find a project I wanted to do with it. I knew I did not want to sell it, so it sat in my garage for like three years. It reminded me of a lot of the tables I saw in the cafe's 

I love all the details in the base and knew with a little love I could do something fun with it. So I used a wire brush to scrape all the dirt, loose paint and rust off. I then cleaned it with TSP and primed it with a metal primer so I could prevent more rust from forming.

I then spray painted it with a color I love called oil rubbed bronze.
I bought the brand meant for metal and outdoor use. Using some metallic paints I dry brushed it to enhance the pretty detail in it. I made sure to spray paint the underside too as there was rust all over it. I wanted to make sure it was protected.

Lowes sells round hobby wood which I thought was the perfect top for my table base. It's raw pine wood so I could pretty much do whatever I wanted with it. 

I used gray chalk paint and a stencil to add a little customization to it. After it dried, I stained it with a medium wood stain and sealed it with an outdoor poly.

I love how the table turned out, I think its perfect. I bought two outdoor café chairs from Ikea for about 12$ each, so this DIY  project cost me under 50$. Now that I have my seating area, its on to the rest of the porch! 


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