Laundry Room Sorter

One thing I struggle with as a home maker is laundry and how to keep it organized.  So I set out to make it easier and more organized to sort our clean laundry. Let's face it, with a 7 year old and a 13 year old, we have a lot of laundry and kids are not the best at keeping it organized. 

The supplies I used for this project:

I did not get a good picture of it, but I used my handy cordless Ryobi circular saw to cut the shutters in half. Then I cut two pieces of hobby wood to fit the shutters, leaving a little bit of an overhang. I put wood glue on the edges and nailed it together using my Ryobi nail gun. (I love that thing. It's a game changer and everyone should get one!) 

For extra stabilization, I added the shelf brackets. They also add a bit of decorative detail. I then added four casters on the bottom to make it mobile if I wanted to move it. I stained the wood a pretty dark color. I plan on painting the shutters but I have not decided on what colors to use

I added pipes to hang my clothes on and keep hangers. That way I can pull cloths out of the dryer and either hang them up or sort them into the appropriate bin. There is a clothes hamper for each of us

I am a fly by the seat of my pants DIY kind of girl, so I do not always make plans. I am very organic and go with the flow, so if something does not work I just figure out something else. It took me a while to find baskets to fit. I needed at least three, all though four would have been better so I could have had one for linens and towels.

I am very excited with how this turned out. It works well for my family. I give each kid their own basket and they have to put their own clothes away. (Or at least they are supposed to.) I am still working on my laundry room so I will probably paint it eventually. That room is not a priority for me right now. 

Do you have any good organizing tips or projects to share?


  1. I love this! I have baskets on the floor, and that's just not cutting it anymore.

  2. Omg!! It turned out amazing. I love it you did a great job.

  3. I love this idea!! I've looked at the cheap ones but this is nice & doable!! Thank you for the inspiration!


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