IKEA hack, DIY spice rack

When I am cooking, I really hate digging through a cabinet to look for what I need. I would rather have it all out where I can see it, but I have a small kitchen so I did not have many options

I was shopping at IKEA one day and saw these cute spice racks for only $2.99! I bought a few and knew I could do something special with them. I have hard plaster walls so I did not want to put too many holes in the wall

  • 6 spice racks from IKEA
  • Old frame
  • MDF or wood cut to fit from Home Depot to fit your frame
  • Ryobi Drill
  • Stain, I used General Finishes
  • Ryobi nail gun
  • Spray paint
The shelves from IKEA are pretty easy to assemble and only take a few minutes to do each one. They are bare wood so you have the option of staining or painting them. I wanted to be able to wipe the surface, so I opted to spray paint themI used an off white spray paint and gave each a few coats in a semi gloss

I used my nail gun to attach the frame to the wood I had Home Depot cut for me. They are so helpful! I have a small car so wood will not always fit in my car without having it cut first. It is a time saver, and if your still skeptical about using power tools, you can have them help you. On a side note though, once you get comfortable with power tools, they become addicting

I then used General Finishes in a walnut gel stain to stain the board. You don't have to stain it though, you can paint it, add fabric to it, or even use wallpaper. It's a good way to get creative and add some pattern or color. I already have a lot going on in my kitchen, so I wanted a warm wood tone. I love the old gold color of the frame so I decided not to do anything to it.

I could not get pictures of the last step, but I used my nail gun to attach the spice racks to the board. I only have two hands, so it took some juggling. You can also hang the spice racks on the wall and frame it out with a picture frame or molding

I have not finished my kitchen but here is a little sneak peek. I built the rack under the spice rack. I will post a tutorial on how to do that, it was fairly easy. I am loving how the kitchen is coming along and as soon as it is finished, I will post about it. I love being able to look at all the spices I have. It makes cooking so much easier! I am a visual person.


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