Bathroom remodel update

You set your budget, you make your plans, you set your timeline and you try to stay organized. But sometimes a wrench gets thrown in your plans and your budget and timeline go out the window. 

As you can see in the picture, there are a few tiles missing from the floor. No big deal right? Wrong! When the tiles were removed the cement under it had a lot of damage. The foundation of the bathroom had to be fixed, so it added both time and money to the project. It is a good thing we fixed it because after a few more years it would have weakened the floor under the bathroom. 

There was also a slow leak in the pipes behind the sink and that had to be replaced. This meant more money and more time. That is why experts suggest you add 20% to your budget - to pad it for things like this. You never know whats lies underneath until you rip it all out.  Check out my youtube video below and see the remodel in progress. FYI, it looks kinda scary. Make sure you subscribe to our brand new youtube channel so you will be notified whenever we post a new video. 

I could not leave you with that scary video in your head so here is another picture. The bathroom has brand new drywall and no longer looks like the Candy Man is going to pop out and attack you.  


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