Vacation, all I've ever wanted

Although I flew to the Haven conference this year, I did not fly back. We took the kids on a mini vacation to Myrtle Beach. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was too busy having fun and spending time with the family. We stayed at a cute hotel resort right on the beach. It was very not only  family friendly but beautiful as well. I snapped some pictures of the lobby, because lets face it. I am a decorator and a blogger, and I can't help myself. 

I love the colors in this seating arrangement. Its got a natural and neutral feel to it, with pops of color. It does not scream beach or nautical but it lends to a relaxed and natural vibe. The wall color is soothing while the picture has bright, pretty colors


This vignette is a combination of rustic and industrial charm. The picture is a close up of something in a barn, I'm not sure what but because of the angle the picture is taken it gives it a modern look. Almost anything could become a piece of artwork if you play with the angles when you take the picture, and then blow it up and put it in a pretty frame

Who wouldn't want this in their living room? It looks inviting, and perfect for a beach house

I love going to the beach, my favorite part is the ocean. I love  how the beach smells, and the feel of salty air, and the sound of the ocean. It is so relaxing I wish I lived on the beach, at least half of the year

The view from our room was spectacular. The colors were amazing, only mother nature could develop such a perfect color pallet. If you ever need help designing a room in your house and you do not know what colors to pick, just look outside

We had a wonderful mini vacation, I'm sorry it was so short but we needed to get back to work. In the meantime, I think I will blow up one of these pictures and hang it in my office so I can look at it when I get stressed, and remember the vacation we went on. You see, I'm divorced, but we never went on a family vacation. We are still close, so we finally went on one. I'm a lucky women because we are still friends, and can co-parent well.


  1. Love your pics! Glad you got away for a little bit. :)

  2. There's nothing like the beach. Salt water and sand in your toes...ah!


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