Master bedroom - before the after

Every time I move, the master bedroom is the last room I get around to doing. I think a lot of us do that - tackle the kid's rooms and the main rooms and, like the true martyrs we are, we save our needs for last.

So when I moved into this house, I decided to change that. Well ... I still did my kids rooms first because, lets face it, they ALWAYS come first. But then I saw Serena over at Thrift Diving doing another one of her epic 30 day room makeover challenges and I decided it was time to do my master bedroom.  

The focal point of every bedroom is the bed. I happen to love my bed - it's an art deco style that my Mother gave me. The wood on it is amazing and in great condition. So for once, I will not be painting it!

My vanity has some good character traits, but it needs to be repainted. I also do not like it's placement and the layout of the room, so I will be rearranging.

My dresser is not the prettiest thing, but I will have think about what to do with it. I am on a tight budget! I am so excited to show you the reveal, but it will have to wait until Wednesday!


  1. Can't wait to see what you can come up with in 30 days!!

  2. Love the pieces you have in there already. Can't wait to see the make over.


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