A book review and some inspiration

Recently I have been a bad blogger, DIYer and business owner. Ever since I moved back to Maryland from Oklahoma, I have been in a funk. I left all my DIY friends back there, I left my booth at The Rink and my great garage I used work in. I miss doing shows like The Junk Hippy Roadshow and The Barn Show. I even left right before Junk Hippy Oklahoma City in July, the biggest one they have. I kind of felt like I had left my business and a piece of myself there with it. 

Then I went to Haven and met some wonderful ladies. Some of them even lived near me! It felt so good to be surrounded by women who think just like me for a whole weekend. They get me, and I get them. I even got to meet my two blog hero’s, Miss Mustard Seed and Mandi from Vintage Revivals. I will post more about Haven at a later time, but it was amazing. I left Atlanta with all kinds of inspiration

But, when I got home, life hit me, and I got busy. Then, the most horrific thing ever happened. My daughter Ava was in a horrible car accident and almost died. She had to have three life threatening surgeries due to internal bleeding and organ damage. My baby girl is only five. She was in the ICU for 13 days - the LONGEST 13 days of my life. But she is her mommy and daddy’s daughter because one day she just decided to get better, and was out of the hospital in no time at all. She is a strong little girl

Even though she was getting better, I was still finding myself feeling sad and in a funk that I could not seem to get out of. A few days ago, me and my bestie went to this cute little shop in Ellicott called Vintage Bliss. I wanted to get some of  Miss Mustard Seed's paint, and then I noticed they had her book there: "Inspired You.” I have been meaning to buy it and read it so I grabbed it

I cried and couldn’t get through the first two chapters of the book. This women gets me! She knows exactly what it is like to be overwhelmed with no creative outlet. This book is more than just a decorating book, it's extremely inspirational. Without even meaning to, she got me off my butt and onto my laptop to write a post - something I have not even wanted to do in forever

My absolute favorite line in this book is “Isn’t it awesome that we can take that example and do the same thing - not only in castoff furniture, but in others and even ourselves?” (If you are actually reading this Marion, I am trying my best not to plagiarize cause you deserve ALL the credit for every inspirational word in this book. When I read that I thought, that women has crept into my soul and figured out why I have been rescuing furniture from the dump since I was a kid! She hit the nail on the head and I think it translates very well. I also feel like people are sometimes broken and just need someone to care about them and help them get all fixed up. That’s where I am right now, a little broken and in need of some love, and Marion’s book gave that to me. Ever since I started reading it, I can feel my own creative juices flowing again and it feels great

If you are feeling a little sad, go buy her book. It's full of amazing pictures, inspirational words and some great DIY projects to inspire you! 

Mandi from Vintage Revivals and Me - she is so freakin' tall, I am even wearing heels! She is the very first blog I EVER read. She is such a down to earth and nice person. She was so welcoming to all us newbie bloggers.  I love her!


  1. Wow I think you sold me on the book. I too have been in a funk and can't seem to get out of it. Isn't it funny when you come across something so inspirational that it kicks you harder than any energy drink out there?!

    Good luck girl, I'll be here for ya every step of the way. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

    Keep on, keeping on!!
    Trisha D.

  2. You are awesome and talented! Everyone goes through phases. I feel like I've been in a funk since Brian's dad got sick and am finally coming out of it… just not fast enough… hang in there! ((hugs)) Come out here and show me how to sew! ;)


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