Black, red, and oh my!

My favorite thing to do besides redoing furniture is decorating. I have a huge passion for it and I want to make it my career. I have a few people that have entrusted me with doing things in their house. 

I am almost finished with is this apartment. It's rather small, but I have been making the best of it and she is rather happy with the results so far. I would love to add a mantel above the fireplace and a picture too, maybe a few more accessories. Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can't make it your home. There are ways to add your style and put your stamp on it, even if it is only temporary.

We went with an overall black, white, zebra, red and silver look. We kept the bigger pieces a natural color and added in "pops" of the other colors. I absolutely love the mirror and sconces, they fit perfectly over the couch.


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